Friday, May 22, 2009

Health Advice

The present world of technological advancement has ensured that people get the best possible
medical care
at the most optimum price and at the earliest possible opportunity. This is most applicable for surgeries be it a medical or a cosmetic one. Indeed telecommunication industry have come forward to ensure that all the medical records of patients reach any corner of the world within a few moments and advice can be taken from the most proficient medical practitioners of the field sitting at your own place.

Equipped with information about all the top medical practitioners and experts
came into the world of World Wide Web as an online medical directory. It provides patients with a platform to discuss their course of treatment with the experts of the field and get necessary advices by arranging free interactive sessions. The patients can browse the site for all available options or compare the costs of a particular surgery at different countries. The site also has details of travel agents and medical insurance agents if required. In a nut shell the site acts as a platform where all sorts of information related to medical tourism are available “under one roof” or in this case within a few clicks.

Now when the patients reach out for medical experts of various countries or medical facilities at different countries the medical professionals also require the details of the patients to analyse or study. This is another facility or service offered by the site. The site maintains an online repository of patient information or medical records which can be accessed from any corner of the world. Patients can simply login at the site and upload their records which would then be accessible by experts at other parts of the world. In fact the site also provides opportunity for even the hospitals to find out potential patients to whom they can offer the best possible treatment. They can also promote their facilities and services for the patients to check out.

One can always check out the site at Global Medical Book
and find out for themselves the gamut of services that they offer.

Medical Tourism

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travel for Health

Medical Tourism
Medical tourism is gradually becoming an integral part of the travel and tourism industry and thus a highly viable revenue generator. In fact airlines now days also come forward and cooperate in terms of their deals and services when a patient takes a trip to some distant place for a treatment. It is this cooperation between the travel and medical industry which made it possible for medical tourism to reach its present level of popularity and glory. And many countries across the globe have also developed a cordial relationship among each other through the medical tourists or in other words the cross-border patients.

Medical tourism has also enforced the concept of travel for a purpose and purpose does not necessarily mean a business purpose only. Rather something more important than that, because as they say “health is wealth”. Medical tourism has provided the opportunity to choose the best possible medical care without the restraints of any geographical boundaries. This seems to be one of the greatest blessings of the concept of globalisation. It has encouraged the friends and families of the patient to nurture a hope in their mind.

It cannot be denied that all this has become possible because world has become a very small place. And more than that almost every corner of the world has become accessible from any other corner. And this is made possible due to the massive advancement of transportation and communication system. Indeed even a few years back people could not even dream of going to some other place for a medical treatment or for getting an important surgery done.

It goes without saying that every single sphere of life is interlinked and thus each and every industry is related to each other in some way or other. Thus with the development of the concept of global medical tourism all industries related to the concept have grown and expanded like that of the travel industry, the aviation industry, the telecommunication industry and so on and so forth. More and more travel packages have come up to cater to the requirements of the travelling patient and their companions. Travel agents started specializing on or focusing on this particular brand of tourism. Then again the software industry is coming up with new applications which help in keeping patient records in a more user-friendly manner. More and more websites are coming up focusing on offering patients with all services related to medical tourism at one place within just a few clicks.

Indeed medical tourism is gradually developing into a full grown industry in itself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Global Health Care

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The concept of medical facilities crossing the limits of geographical boundaries is gaining in momentum in the recent years of technological advancement. Indeed people are now crossing the boundaries of their country in search of advanced or reasonable medical care at some other country. And technology is shaking hands with the medical world in making any corner of the world accessible for the patients to avail the treatment they require. The present world has made immense progress in communications and information technology. This advancement of IT has made global health care a reality in the present days.

Now day’s patients records are kept loaded in the computer and can be send in any corner of the world in no time at all. Residing in one country, patients and their family can get opinions of the experts of the field online through internet. Even information about the well known doctors and hospitals are now easily available online in the internet. There are different web sites which cater to such type of information to those who require it. These web sites act as a truly helpful store-house of information to the ailing ones who require help.

This is where comes into the picture. This site presents the patients as well as the medical practitioners and agents a common platform and exposure to reach out to each other in any emergency and requirement. This is a web site through which the patients can directly interact with the medical experts as well as the different well known hospitals of the world and know about the charges and waiting time for a required treatment. The medical experts can also give expert advice on the course to be adopted for a particular ailment.

This site also helps the patients and their company find agents who can help them with their journey to any place to get the essential treatment. Once anyone join the site they can get a whole lot of medical information together at one place just a few clicks away. Not only can the members get expert advice from doctors or price quotes of hospitals at any corner of the world but they can also get a lot of testimonials and reviews which can help them make an intelligent choice. This is one platform where all the parties involved can come together and make their going smooth by helping each other out. In fact this web site provides a truly international exposure to not only the medical practitioners or the ailing patients who require help but also to the agents who arrange for a medical trip for the patients and their family.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism

In the present age of globalization, world has become a very small place with accessibility made easier from and to any corners of the globe. The rapid advancement of the aviation industry has complemented the growth and development of the medical travel and medical tourism industry in a major way. Medical tourism is fast becoming an integral part of the tourism industry. Indeed the concept of medical tourism is gaining in popularity and getting raved about throughout the world.

There are a couple of reasons for the gaining of momentum in medical tourism and that is cost effectiveness and advanced medical treatment. In the developed countries the cost of medical treatment is sometimes so high that people tend to avoid it by finding out equally good and advanced health care options at a less developed country at a much lower cost. In the same way the medical facilities in some country are so poor and in such pathetic condition that people from these places seek out better and advanced help in some other country even if they need to pay a bit extra. After all, life and health of the loved ones are much more valuable than a few bucks.

And sometimes it is purely the waiting time which motivates people to seek for medical help at another country to get a significant reduction in it so that the treatment of their loved one can start off immediately. This happens more with the cases of surgery.

Now, it cannot be denied that the global healthcare industry of most of the countries have come forward and embraced this idea which is actually why medical tourism is flourishing in most of those countries who have made significant progress in the medical field through their research activities.

Another thing which has contributed significantly in the rapid growth of medical tourism is the advancement of information technology and the internet facility with the World Wide Web. It has facilitated easiest and fastest communication of patient records to any corners of the globe. Now days, there are websites which are coming up with a database of patient records that can be accessed by medical practitioners and doctors from any place. is one such site which is coming up with quite a valuable online repository of information for people seeking medical treatment outside their own country. Through this site one can get an access to medical practitioners throughout the world to discuss and take necessary advice on their cases from experts in the field.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why choose medical tourism and medical travel

Why choose medical tourism and medical travel?

Due to current economic conditions, millions of Americans and people worldwide are lacking medical insurance and medical coverage. In recent news, there have been recent increases in alternative, natural, and preventative global healthcare sales. Millions of people worldwide are turning to thousand year old natural preventative remedies and cures to try and skirt high future healthcare costs. As you can see, people worldwide are paying more and more attention to there health and well being and what they can do to prevent major health issues with themselves or their family. Moreover, global healthcare costs and prices are rising everyday as major hospitals and clinics try to regain lost profits due to the current worldwide economic status.
This is where medical tourism and medical travel come into play. Over the past ten years hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been taking advantage of the drastic price cuts and deductions in global healthcare costs via medical tourism and medical travel. Typically, you can save anywhere from 50% all the way to 90% in medical costs by utilizing medical travel,not to mention the many lavish perks that come along with medical tourism as well. The medical travel and medical tourism industries have come a long way over the years, all while contributing and offering affordable solutions to the global healthcare crisis. This day an age has become very trying for most people to receive the proper healthcare that they need. Everyone should be able to go to the doctor and be able to get at the very least a yearly exam and check up. I mean , the preventative measures that countries can take worldwide would ultimately skirt the higher global healthcare costs in the end. Unfortunately, this world revolves around money and the global healthcare industries know how to squeeze every red cent out of every available money making avenue.

So as you can clearly see, people worldwide are very aware of the many available options for healthcare treatments and procedures and are willing to go the extra mile to receive high quality healthcare at very affordable prices all while taking in some different scenery while on their medical vacation. Medical tourism and medical travel are some of the best alternatives for receiving the best healthcare at very reasonable rates if you or anyone you know should happen to get ill or sick.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

What is Medical Tourism?

In todays world , medical insurance and costs are very high priced for just about any type of medical procedure,check up, or doctors visit. Medical expenses are very high in the United States, on the flip side, the UK and Canada have universal medical coverage but all to frequently people and patients are exposed to substandard medical conditions in order to save a buck. So the next question would be, where can I get some of the best medical care for a reasonable(astronomically lower)price?

Lets think for a minute...
Some of the worlds' and the United States best doctors are from India,China,Brazil and the middle east, so why not take a beautiful vacation while receiving some of the best medical care for any ailment.These medical vacations can also be called medical tourism. Medical tourism is becoming very popular worldwide and many people are truly benefiting from the high quality medical care,low cost medical expenses, and all doing so while on a very beautiful and tranquil vacation.

As with anything worthwhile, medical tourism is becoming a high demand industry worldwide and competition is pretty interesting. What I mean by this is there are now medical tourism travel agencies,all inclusive medical travel packages and plans,medical vacations. These packages can offer everything from airfare to hotels,food to limousine service, all medical travel packages offering many lavish upgrades.

All in all medical travel and medical tourism is the best way to get the best medical care all for the best and very cheap price. Typically after you add up all of your expenses from any procedure by way of medical travel and medical tourism, you will still come out saving thousands of dollars compared to US medical expenses, all while taking a vacation and being pampered like royalty.

How's that for global healthcare?