Monday, April 13, 2009

Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism

In the present age of globalization, world has become a very small place with accessibility made easier from and to any corners of the globe. The rapid advancement of the aviation industry has complemented the growth and development of the medical travel and medical tourism industry in a major way. Medical tourism is fast becoming an integral part of the tourism industry. Indeed the concept of medical tourism is gaining in popularity and getting raved about throughout the world.

There are a couple of reasons for the gaining of momentum in medical tourism and that is cost effectiveness and advanced medical treatment. In the developed countries the cost of medical treatment is sometimes so high that people tend to avoid it by finding out equally good and advanced health care options at a less developed country at a much lower cost. In the same way the medical facilities in some country are so poor and in such pathetic condition that people from these places seek out better and advanced help in some other country even if they need to pay a bit extra. After all, life and health of the loved ones are much more valuable than a few bucks.

And sometimes it is purely the waiting time which motivates people to seek for medical help at another country to get a significant reduction in it so that the treatment of their loved one can start off immediately. This happens more with the cases of surgery.

Now, it cannot be denied that the global healthcare industry of most of the countries have come forward and embraced this idea which is actually why medical tourism is flourishing in most of those countries who have made significant progress in the medical field through their research activities.

Another thing which has contributed significantly in the rapid growth of medical tourism is the advancement of information technology and the internet facility with the World Wide Web. It has facilitated easiest and fastest communication of patient records to any corners of the globe. Now days, there are websites which are coming up with a database of patient records that can be accessed by medical practitioners and doctors from any place. is one such site which is coming up with quite a valuable online repository of information for people seeking medical treatment outside their own country. Through this site one can get an access to medical practitioners throughout the world to discuss and take necessary advice on their cases from experts in the field.

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