Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travel for Health

Medical Tourism
Medical tourism is gradually becoming an integral part of the travel and tourism industry and thus a highly viable revenue generator. In fact airlines now days also come forward and cooperate in terms of their deals and services when a patient takes a trip to some distant place for a treatment. It is this cooperation between the travel and medical industry which made it possible for medical tourism to reach its present level of popularity and glory. And many countries across the globe have also developed a cordial relationship among each other through the medical tourists or in other words the cross-border patients.

Medical tourism has also enforced the concept of travel for a purpose and purpose does not necessarily mean a business purpose only. Rather something more important than that, because as they say “health is wealth”. Medical tourism has provided the opportunity to choose the best possible medical care without the restraints of any geographical boundaries. This seems to be one of the greatest blessings of the concept of globalisation. It has encouraged the friends and families of the patient to nurture a hope in their mind.

It cannot be denied that all this has become possible because world has become a very small place. And more than that almost every corner of the world has become accessible from any other corner. And this is made possible due to the massive advancement of transportation and communication system. Indeed even a few years back people could not even dream of going to some other place for a medical treatment or for getting an important surgery done.

It goes without saying that every single sphere of life is interlinked and thus each and every industry is related to each other in some way or other. Thus with the development of the concept of global medical tourism all industries related to the concept have grown and expanded like that of the travel industry, the aviation industry, the telecommunication industry and so on and so forth. More and more travel packages have come up to cater to the requirements of the travelling patient and their companions. Travel agents started specializing on or focusing on this particular brand of tourism. Then again the software industry is coming up with new applications which help in keeping patient records in a more user-friendly manner. More and more websites are coming up focusing on offering patients with all services related to medical tourism at one place within just a few clicks.

Indeed medical tourism is gradually developing into a full grown industry in itself.

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